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Let Your Loved Ones Know Your Wishes

Hospice of Anchorage

April is National Healthcare Decisions Month. Hospice of Anchorage wants to ensure that all adults with decision-making capacity have both the information and the opportunity to communicate and document their future healthcare decisions. 

As a community resource for those facing a life-limiting illness, Hospice of Anchorage is committed to educating our community regarding end-of-life matters. We offer free Advance Directive packets to anyone in our community. It’s important to us to make this information available to the public and assist them in executing written Advance Directives. We encourage everyone to talk with their family members and friends about their healthcare wishes.

Making healthcare decisions is often difficult in the best of circumstances, but making decisions for others in a time of stress is even more complicated. An Advance Directive gives you the ability to guide your healthcare providers and loved ones regarding the types of healthcare you do and do not want and to name an “agent” to speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself.

There are no wrong answers when thinking about healthcare choices and completing an Advance Directive. The important thing is to take action and don’t wait. Call us at 561-5322 to request your Advance Directive materials. We’ll gladly mail them to you. If you need help filling them out, we can assist you with that as well. 

Picture of Amy Tribbett, APR

Amy Tribbett, APR

Executive Director, Hospice of Anchorage