Heroes of Healthcare
2022 Gala on the Go

Heroes of Healthcare is Hospice of Anchorage’s annual event to honor the heroes in our community. Various businesses and healthcare organizations come together to thank the Heroes of Healthcare for all that they do in our community.

Spring Break-Up and the Stages of Loss and Grief

Spring Break-Up and the Stages of Loss and Grief Most residents of Anchorage and the Matsu Valley really look forward to the time of year we call “break-up.” This is always in April and May. We can count on overnight temperatures being above freezing. We see colors moving through shades of gray and brown to […]

Unconditional Positive Regard

Unconditional Positive Regard The last few years have been extra difficult for so many people in Alaska. These years have been hard for human beings all over the world due to the Pandemic. The reality of experiencing, or dread of experiencing, Covid19 or one of its ensuing strains has been increasing the normal stresses of […]

2021 Navigating the Holidays

2021 Navigating the Holidays 2021 has been an ever-evolving season of change. As we turn our calendars to the holiday season, I believe this will continue to be the case. For many, traditions will be modified or skipped for the second year in a row, and I find myself with a heavy heart when I […]

Let Your Loved Ones Know Your Wishes

Hospice of Anchorage

Let Your Loved Ones Know Your Wishes April is National Healthcare Decisions Month. Hospice of Anchorage wants to ensure that all adults with decision-making capacity have both the information and the opportunity to communicate and document their future healthcare decisions.  As a community resource for those facing a life-limiting illness, Hospice of Anchorage is committed […]