Working together with patients, families, and physicians to support the transition from life through death and cope with loss and grief.

Hospice of Anchorage is your community resource for navigating a serious illness

Hospice of Anchorage is a Volunteer Hospice comprised of a team of



Social Service Coordinators

Bereavement Coordinators

This passionate team helps individuals and their loved ones navigate a serious illness and cope with loss and grief

Hospice of Anchorage

Our care may be a one-time visit, periodic contact, or may grow into an ongoing relationship lasting weeks or months. We offer people with a serious illness the opportunity to live fully. We help family members and other loved ones cope with the effects and challenges of illness.

Hospice of Anchorage

For those seeking information about caregiving, dementia, or a serious illness, our Resource Center has hundreds of books, information on advance directives,  and a dementia care section. Our Loan Closet is stocked with durable medical equipment such as walkers, shower chairs, incontinence supplies, and more to help Alaskans retain as much of their independence as possible. 

Hospice of Anchorage
All goods and services are provided
at no cost.
Founded in 1980, Hospice of Anchorage is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization and a partner agency of the United Way of Anchorage.   
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Heroes of Healthcare
2022 Gala on the Go

Heroes of Healthcare is Hospice of Anchorage’s annual event to honor the heroes in our community. Various businesses and healthcare organizations come together to thank the Heroes of Healthcare for all that they do in our community.

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We need your involvement

 We are able provide services free of charge because of contributions from people like you. We are a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to helping those in our community.

Ready to make a difference in your community? Volunteer with Hospice of Anchorage.


We have resources!  Are you in need of items to help make life easier? We have a lending closet full of items to help Alaskans live safely at home. All items are free of charge.

We are proud to present our Fiscal Year Impact Report


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